Pain. Blood. Broken mirrors. Ridder's battle...

Kido Shinji had a nightmare, and Ren said he had the same one.

——And he can feel the pain, from inside to outside, from the muscles to the skin. Kido Shinji found he was in a sweetly darkness, a complete darkness. He tried to breath the freezing air, that caused him sounds like a broken filter.

That was cramp, and it was not the first time; That was not a dream——or a nightmare, that was his memories even he didn't know when did that happened. After a few tinnitus, the strangeness came close to him, then he can touch the reality.

Shinji covered his ears, echoes beneath around him but another voice saved him from the eternal pain.

"Kido." Akiyama Ren has been woke up by Shinji's actions. Shinji can not see his face in the darkness, "That dream again?"

Not a question, but a statement of fact.

He tried to conceal the truth subconsciously, but when he gazed Ren, he gave up.

"Yes." He answered. So there he was, either shut up or communicated with Ren. He had to do something, and he managed to bring it to his mouth.

"There was something..."He murmured, "but that was just a dream."

Faked answers, he lied to his Ren plainly. He saw Ren...Knight in his dream too.

"Did anyone told you, you are not unfitted to be a liar?" Perhaps not...Shinji. Ren said that name in his mind. believe. He seldom called his partner Shinji...



Kido Shinji sank himself in the bed and took a deep breath.

"This is the second time I call your name." Ren said, frowning.

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