Human Diary


Human Diary, by Megasl

December, 1st, 2017,rain


       And the cold rain falls down. 

       It’s been a year since the end of the world. Today’s sky hasthe same color as that day, which is blue.

I am not going to write a survivalguide, but I want to record what happens to me by using my diary. 

In the morning he came hereagain, with his old tricycle. The left tire of his transportation was alreadystale, and it breathed just like a fish out of water.

This time, I tried not to lookdown: The man who worked for the scrap came here every month, at the same day,and at the same time. If I look down to him, he can feel me, see me even smellme.

“Recycling: Televisions, airconditioners, old computers, cell phones, or any other electrical appliances.”I heard a woman’s voice came from his loudspeaker, like a sharp needle thatpointed at me. 

Do you ever feel a kind offear, like you feel everything on the Earth has gone except you, and the timefreeze? It was not come from your loneliness but it came from human instincts.It was the sense of recognizing the small special events from normal things.The woman’s voice and the man from the scrap, both of them forced me to feelfrightening. It was a raining day, her cold voice mixed with the smell of moistdust and it made me feel uncomfortable.

I covered my ears, the echoesbeneath around me.

That deja-vu feeling came tome again, but more like anxiety: The Man from the scrap…… or I liked to callhim “That Thing”. He wanted to keep his job like past, but this action wasmeaningless. He became something like a zombie by mutation. I felt dangerous inthose dark, cankered eyes. Last time, when I made a little noise, he climbs onsix floors by his arms and legs on the wall that out of my window. After thisevent, I believed he still has some intelligence but some parts in his brainwas destroyed and he could not have any conversation. On the other hand, therewere some part of humanity lost. 

When the end day of the worldfinally came and most of hominid diminished in the unexpected disaster, it wasnot vigorous like some famous disaster films or novels. Not similar to “2012”or “The day after tomorrow”, there was no signal and it was not caused byhuman. After the magnetic field of the Earth was disappeared unexpected, fliesand ships accidents happened on a large scale. Some times the destruction ofeveryday life had more lethality than a huge volcanic eruption.

Well, this seemed like we werein the world of “Resident Evil” now, but there was no The Umbrella Corporationand I should face the crisis by myself. It was not a game, and it was real.

“I don’t have any of them, anddo not come again!” even I wanted to shout with a loud voice but I did not talkany word. I won’t make the same mistake twice.

So there I was, stand near thewindow and hide myself: silence became the best answer.

The only thing I can do is tohide myself. I just covered my ears and closed the windows carefully: At firstmy hands locked the glazed window, then the window screen shuttered after it.The decline of my continuous action was to shut the heavy, Khaki curtain. Thecurtain stopped the repetitive voice, however the smell of soil after the rainwas still remained in my house. Only by stepping near the window, my musclesfelt tense. My body is paralyzed on the old sofa and tears down the next pageof the calendar: December1st. Our world destroyed at thisdate last year.

An indescribable emotionsuddenly came to my mind when I saw the last page of my calendar. I rememberedthat page was scarlet, like the color of human blood: I always told myself thatthe last page was red.

My world became discolored. Asif all my senses were weakened, there was just black and white in my eyes. Istill can see the things, but everything in my eyes lose its original color,even the man from the scrap. I remembered he was in a kind of light orange withgreen lines because this can remind those carefulness drivers will not hit them.

Do not forget it.

Do not forget the colors. Keepin mind, you had the sense of humanity. 

I swallowed these words againto myself, and looked for my note book from my messy desk. There were somedifferent ink bottles and papers on my desk. My diary was under this mountain likematerials. Even I did not see it yet, I know its cover was dark green. Darkgreen was my favorite color, and I wish I can see it again……This note bookrecorded my journey of this year. I just wanted to travel around the world, butthere was no traffics. Unfortunately, the only thing I had was my feet so I cannot leave my home too far. I did not have time and money before that day, butnow I can not feel the color of the views in my journey. The only color I cansee, is the endless grey. 

Those collapsed buildings,those broken glasses. After a heavy rain, even the huge flames caused bygasoline will turn into smoke. I have walked beside the beach, but I did notsee even a bird.

Opps! That’s way too much,lets back to the notebook. This notebook with a green cover is my diary, andyou are reading it now. I called it “Human Diary”, which had the same meaningof its name. If there still has a publisher, I will try to submit it, but I donot think many people want to read it since the protagonist is just a normalperson.

I did not write today’s diaryyet. This was my habit, and I kept it even the society was destroyed. Beforethat day came I was just an ordinary writer. I spend most time to argue with myeditor. There was no enough money nor time for me to have a travel at past, butnow I get it.

Gotcha! I will not tell you, Isecretly felt pleased at that moment.

Without withdrawing thecurtain, I did not turn on the lights and I still can see other things. Whenthe man downstairs was gone, every thing backed to the silence of darkness,except the sound and the smell of rain. I opened my diary and rubbed some inksin my pen: there was a sticky note “azure” on it. 

A kind of pale blue will benice to describe a rainy day.

“And the cold rain falls downtoday.” At first I wrote my original sentence on the paper, and I stopped mypen for a second, then I elided it.

That was nonsense. Who knows todays’ rain wascool or muggy? I did not have a weatherglass in my house. Wait, it might be afrozen drizzle since it was in December, the end month of a year usually be thefrozen month even there was not a snowy day.

White was the representativecolor of snow, and blue represents sadness and the rain, teachers always toldtheir students during the first art class. I vaguely remembered something happenedin my childhood, the memories of past times. Humanity has a stereotype oncolors, like “spring’s color is green which represent the living things, Summercould be a kind of fiery red; Autumns are orange, a color that warmer thanyellow but cooler than red. Winter is the cold wind, who brings the white tothe ground.” Each color has its temperature and value. Since my eyesight hasbeen weakened, conversely, my olfaction become stronger.

No matter what I found: thesmell of burning gasoline, the nice smell of instant noodles, the rusty smellof human’s blood, or the smell of mud after drizzle. My olfaction has been multipliedby several number of times, with this event my imagination abilities has alsobeen improved. The smell builds a fuzzy color of the object in my brain even Ican not see them. Some times they are more abstract. Colors have differenttemperatures, and today’s rain smells like it is a cold rain. The smell of acold rain and a sultry rain are different.

A freezing rain must be blue.Cobalt blue? Lake blue? Ultramarine? Or Azure, the color of the sky? I wasthinking about the color in silence. When I was young, if the teacher askedchildren to do a paint of rainy days, I believe most of them will chose blue astheir main color. The grey clouds, the blue rain, the green grass; It seems tobecome the leading concept of intrinsic colors of a child.

Even I am no longer a childnow, I will not forget the proper colors. It becomes my duty to finish today’sHuman Diary.

“It’s been a year since theend of the world.” I wrote this sentence as my new main sentence, and lookedoutside the window. The sky was always grey in my eyes.

——My time has been frozen after that day,just like the man who came from a scrap.


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