压根没写完 只是放出来表示自己有写过而已 请不要在意语法[[


The first flower growth near his rightshoulder, just like the one which Iris put on his hair. It was a tiny verdantbud at first, but Nash find it became germinated quickly. Finally, the plantturns into a marguerite and take root in his crystalline skin.

It was not matter to the leader of TheSeven Varian Emperors, it WAS not. Merag find Nach groans in the midnight.Without any star, the sky of the Varian world was scarlet almost all day. Nowit turns to violent sheen, just like the second flower which germinates nearthe king’s heart. This time, they are the rose of the thistles and thorns.Although they already died three times, they also can fell the pain as theywere alive, as they……were human. The flowers are delicate and charming, justlike the king’s heart.

Nash is reticent today. He sits on thethrone and look up to the top of Varian world. Donthousand was died, the greatcrystallization’s palace now is empty.

Kamishiro Ryoga, or Nacsh who is the leaderof Varian was crash into his nightmare.

Yuma told him, the Varian world wasdestroyed by the Astral world. No, not really. He knows the truth from hisdream. He said his words with a poker face numbly ——but Durbe, one of hisfriend knows he's smoldering by the omen. The land is fading away. Mean whilethe Varian world will become to void very soon but they......they have nothingto do, or to save their world.

The destiny of the Varian’s was broken,with out any breath. Although their crystalline hearts were still working, theyall know that's a fake signal.

It's a fake life, Vector called that ' astupid reborn' derisively. Then he gone and no one knows where he is after thatmoment, even the hope of three worlds.

Tsukumo Yuma, the miraculous duelist. Don-thousandwas dead. Nacsh and Zexal III destroyed his wild ambition, but now, the body ofthe Varian god looked fusion into the land with his residual power. In Ryoga’sdream, Nash was still alive. He always wakes up in the middle night, look up tothe ceiling even there was nothing. He told himself dubious: That was just anightmare with full of boring flowers. All of the soul from Varian was rank up,even the seven of them. The Varian part was separated from their original soul.

Then Nash and Ryoga become two different people,although they have the same memory.


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